The Pale

Sea Church
Sat 10 Sep 2022
Doors: 8:30 pm

**STANDING GIG** The Pale formed on Dublin's Northside in 1990 but drew their influences from far beyond.At the time the band were part of the burgeoning busking scene on Dublin's Grafton street,before advancing to performing across Irelands many music venues and attracting theattention of a large quantity of record labels all extremely eager to sign them. They released their debut album ‘Here’s One We Made Earlier’ in 1992 which featured thehits 'Butterfly' and 'Dogs With No Tails' followed by tours way off the beaten path in Russia,Japan, Eastern Europe as well as time spent touring with an alternative circus, constantlyperfecting their energetic live show that the band has become well known for, while theycontinued to release a string of albums that effortlessly skip between style and genres. 2019 saw them release the critically acclaimed album 'Merciful Hour', Followed by showsacross Ireland to promote their new album, as well as numerous festival appearancesincluding closing out the Friday night of Feile 19 in Tipperary. while November 2019 sawtheir hit single 'Dogs With No Tails' being featured in Season 2 of the BBC hit series 'TheYoung Offenders' which was followed by their first UK tour in years. While recently the bandcelebrated 30 years in the music industry with their first ever Best Of collection ‘Paleanthology’ which featured many of the bands best known songs as well as reworkings of some of their early hits. 2022 will also see the band celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of their debut album ‘Here’s One We Made Earlier’ with a nationwide tour. 'Performing 'Here's One We Made Earlier' in 2022 is something that would have been hardfor us to imagine in 1992. It is humbling to think that people still want to hear these songs.Believe us when we say that it feels like a privilege to play these 30-year-old songs for anaudience. Some songs from the album have evolved and have been reimagined over theyears and some songs haven't changed at all, but all of them feel newly reinvigorated by thistour. We cannot wait' - Matthew Devereux/The Pale - Find more below ; Video links –Dog For Life - With No Tails - -

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Sea Church
Ballycotton, Co. Cork


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