Lisa Lambe: Nightvisiting Songs and Stories From The Hearth

Triskel Arts Centre
Fri 9 Jun 2023
Doors: 8:00 pm

Based on her work with the National Folklore Collection and her recent M.A in Irish Folklore, internationally acclaimed Irish folk singer and actor Lisa Lambe brings us her new project ‘NightVisiting’, first commissioned by The National Famine Museum in Strokestown, County Roscommon. Lisa collaborates with renowned traditional musicians alongside local contributors to create a unique performance bespoke to each venue she visits. ‘NightVisiting’ reconnects us to the social role that night time social house visits once played in our oral traditions and folklore, and in the preservation of our songs and stories from tender love songs to the bawdy, to songs of loss and longing. Lisa Lambe collaborates with renowned musicians and performers to create an evening celebrating the old songs, stories and tunes from around the hearth, bespoke to each location she visits. In the west, Nightvisiting is known as ‘Botha?ntai?ocht’ or ‘Cuairtai?ocht’, in the southern counties it is known as going ‘Scorai?ochting’. In other counties; a visit to the Rambling House. ‘NightVisiting’ will bring those who gather to the hearth of the rural house, to sing the old songs and tell the local stories, many now lost or forgotten. Night visiting was an important part of our social society and culture, which began to fade with the electrification of Ireland in the late 1940s when the hearth slowly gave way to the ballroom, the public house and the dance hall. ‘NightVisiting’ is a celebration and a reimagining of those nights of sharing the old songs and stories, not to be missed!

Venue Info

Triskel Arts Centre
Tobin Street, Cork (off South Main Street)


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